Cane Corso Purchase Contract

 StoneBridge Cane Corso 
Puppy Contract
1) Puppies are guaranteed to be free of all communicable diseases at the time of sale. The buyer must have the puppy checked by a licensed veterinarian within 7 days of purchase. Failure to do so will result in all guarantees being invalid. Seller accepts no responsibility for any communicable diseases after 7 days of the purchase.
2) If during the above examination a serious health problem is noted, seller must receive a written statement from buyer’s veterinarian within seven (7) days from date of examination. Upon verification by seller’s veterinarian of stated health problem, puppy must be returned to seller at buyer’s expense. When available, the buyer will be provided with another puppy of the same sex and quality/value when such puppy becomes available.
3) Puppies are guaranteed to be free of any birth defects. Problems must be reported within 24 months from date of birth. After puppy is 24 months old, the seller is no longer responsible for replacing the puppy/ dog. Please contact seller with any problems, as this will aid in our attempt to improve with future litters.
4) All puppies are guaranteed to be free of severe crippling defects up to 24 months old. If a severe hereditary condition is present before 24 months old, that severely lowers your pups quality of life; another puppy will be given to you, free of charge, when available. Written verification from buyer’s veterinarian, along with his contact information is necessary. Seller’s veterinarian must agree with diagnosis and severity or replacement is not required. PennHIP evaluations are required if there is a hip problem. Seller does not accept OFA results as final proof of a hip problem. PennHIP results of MODERATE or SEVERE HD will warrant a replacement pup. If the PennHIP result shows MILD HD, the puppy is
 only replaced if it was bought as breed/show quality. If buyer chooses to keep the puppy, proof of sterilization (spay/neuter) must be provided and registration papers must be returned to seller before replacement will be given. If pup has ever been bred, all guarantees are invalid. Only one replacement is given, regardless of circumstances. The seller will select replacement puppy when available.
5) Under no circumstance does seller grant cash refunds or accept any liability for medical expenses, veterinarian fees or any other expenses related to the care of your Cane Corso.
6) Seller retains the right to visit the dog or have a representative visit the dog to monitor the dogs well being. If the dog at any time is found to be mistreated by reason of abuse or neglect the seller has the right of immediate possession with no reimbursement, should this clause need to be enforced the buyer shall forfeit the dogs registration papers to the seller within seven (7) days of the seller taking possession. No replacement will be given due to problems that result from buyer’s negligence however, if negligence is noted buyer agrees to return dog to breeder along with registration papers.
7) No guarantees are made regarding temperament. The temperament of your puppy is based on the amount of time YOU give to your dog and to its development and socialization. Buyer agrees to enroll puppy in Puppy Kindergarten class at 3 months of age and Basic Obedience by 10 months of age with a certified trainer in a class setting. It is also recommended that you enroll your dog in a refresher course at 18 months. Under no circumstances should rough training methods be used on your Cane Corso. Proper socialization and training is a must for your puppy.
8) Buyer is responsible for all shipping charges, including returns and/ or replacements. 
9) Registration papers will be given for pet quality pups when breeder has received proof of spay/neuter. Breed/show quality puppies are not to be bred before 18 months of age. Buyer agrees to breed only to other purebred Cane Corsos of sound temperament. 
10)No replacements will be given unless verification is provided, that the puppy completed puppy kindergarten and basic obedience classes during the time frame stated in #7 of this contract.
 11)Buyer agrees to inform Seller of any address and/or phone number changes and if for any reason buyer is unable to keep the puppy/dog Seller has first opportunity to take/buy the puppy/dog back. Seller will help in placement of the puppy if the buyer is unable to keep it. Under no circumstances is the puppy/dog to be surrendered to a shelter or an unapproved home. PLEASE contact the breeder.
12)Puppies will carry the StoneBridge name; this will be reflected on their registration papers. Seller reserves the right to breed to all males sold as show/breed quality.
13)Buyer agrees to provide yearly veterinarian exams and keep puppy up to date on vaccines. Puppies should be on a food formulated for large breeds. We recommend you feed a high quality puppy food, as proper diet will help your puppy maintain good health.
14)Entropion, Ectropion, Demodex mange and Glandular hypertrophy (Cherry eye) are considered common to the breed and are not covered under this contract for pet quality puppies. Glandular hypertrophy (Cherry eye) is not a disqualifying fault and is therefore not covered under this contract for pet, breed or show quality puppies.
15)Often when the pups go to their new homes, they under go quite a bit of stress due to the change. That stress can cause their immune system to drop slightly. If there are any microscoptic parasites or eggs lying dormant in their system, they see this as an opportunity to multiply. The best of care is given to the pups, but sometimes the tiny little critters can lie dormant in their system, allowing them to “hide” from the medicine or treatment, only to reappear at a later time. Diarrhea is the usual result of a coccidia or a giardia infection. If your pup has watery diarrhea for more than 2 days, it is recommended that you drop a fresh stool sample with your Vet. so that a smear can be obtained. Your Vet will then prescribe you the appropriate antibiotic which will likely need to be administered for a week. The seller treats all the puppies for the removal of microscopic parasites, worms, fleas, and ticks before leaving the premises. By signing this contract it is agreed that such nuisances are common to puppies and the seller is in no way responsible for treatment, expense or any liability of the following: Giardia, Coccidia, worms, fleas, ticks, or ringworm.
16)If the puppy dies during an elective surgery, the seller is not responsible for refunding money or giving a replacement puppy. Puppies have died during ear cropping surgery, do not take this decision lightly. 17)Buyer agrees to never engage the dog/puppy in any illegal activity.
 18)This contract is limited between Seller and 1st Buyer. It is non transferable.
19)Any/All legal actions are to take place in London, ON.
20)Upon signing below, both buyer and seller agree to all terms stated within this contract.
Buyer :_______________________________ Seller:________________________________
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